At Bootstrapped Apparel we us a process called sublimation printing to print our “All-Over” garments. This allows us to offer incredibly vibrant, detailed prints that look amazing. Instead of layering ink on top of the garment, our sublimation process actually dyes the fabric itself. This leaves the garment feeling silky soft and smooth, with an image that will NEVER crack or fade. It would be impossible to create clothing that looks and feels this good without the sublimation process.

However, There Is a Trade-Off to Sublimation Printing…

Our sublimated products start out as pre-constructed blank white garments, the design is then transferred to the garment using transfer paper and a heat press. Any minor creases in the garment during this process will not get ink. Those creases can then appear as thin white streaks on the finished product.

Typically these streaks appear on sublimated t-shirts in the armpit area which is not noticeable during typical day to day wear. However, the ink can sometimes have trouble penetrating seams which can show a very thin white line along the seam. If this occurs it is usually limited to the shoulder region but could show along any seems in sublimated t-shirts and tank tops, particularly when stretched.

While we work with our supplier to minimize these minor issues, please be aware that they can occur.

In addition some slight discoloration can also occur on the inside of the collar, sleeves and bottom of the garment. This is not at all viewable while wearing the garment.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, so we think it’s very important that you be aware of these sublimation quirks before you decide to buy.

This disclaimer does not apply to sublimated crop tops or leggings as the sublimation process takes place before these garments are sewn together.